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We will be holding the HCWM Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 21 at The Waxwing in Hatfield.  There will be a three course dinner with vegetarian and gluten free options for each course.

The price will be $45 for members (at the $25 membership level and higher) and $60 for non-members and members at less than the $25 level.

Please note:  We cannot guarantee or verify the vaccination status of attendees.  In addition, the Waxwing is a small restaurant and there will not be 6 feet of spacing between tables.  This is therefore an event for members who feel comfortable eating out at this time.  Unfortunately, this will mean that a number of members will not feel comfortable attending.  It is frustrating to all of us, but the alternative is to simply not have a holiday party.  We plan to return to outdoor activities next year in the warmer weather, and hope that the holiday party will become an annual tradition in better times.
If you plan to attend, please understand that there is an implied risk in such activities at this time.